Congratulations, you’re pregnant! What an amazing time. Everything is changing; your body, your lifestyle, your family. Did I mention your body? Celebrate those changes and let me capture them. I want you to be relaxed and have fun during your session. These are your memories and I want to create images you will want to look back at for years to come. Wardrobe changes are welcome. Feel free to wear as much or as little as you are comfortable with to celebrate your changing body. Partners and soon to be siblings are welcome. I want these images to be all about celebrating this awe-inspiring time in your life.


What to wear

I love neutral colors such as cream, grey and beige. Long, form fitting dresses show off your growing baby bump and flatter every mom-to-be. Partners and siblings should wear coordinating neutral colors. Please feel free to contact me prior to the session if you have questions about what to wear.


So you have a new baby? Congratulations, there is nothing sweeter. I want to capture those precious moments as you feed, change, bond with and love your newest family member. The session will include both posed and lifestyle photos. I have a large selection of hats, headbands, swaddling cloths. If you have other props you would like to include, please let me know so that we can incorporate them in to the session. Expect the unexpected during these sessions. There will be crying, eating, peeing, pooping and spit up. (Hopefully, this will all come from the baby!). These sessions should be done in the first 2 weeks after birth. I can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family and capture special moments for you to treasure forever.

What to wear

Parents and siblings may be in the photographs. Neutral colors such as cream, grey and pastels look best and solids or small patterns are preferred. Please feel free to contact me prior to the session if you have questions about outfits.


Most of the photographs of your newborn will be taken while sleeping. Please try to keep your newborn from taking a long nap before the session. A warm bath 30 minutes before the session starts will help. You should also try to avoid feeding for 2 hours before the photo shoot. When I arrive I will select the best location for the photos and set up while you feed your baby. Most of the shots will be taken without clothing, so please have the heat in your home set to 78-80 degrees. Yes, the adults will be sweating, but we want your baby to be comfortable.

Hospital Newborn Session

This is a mini-session at the hospital shortly after your new baby has arrived. I capture those first sweet moments as you and your new baby get acquainted.



Let’s have fun. What makes your children or family laugh? What are your funny family stories? These are the things we will discuss before your session. If the kids have a special toy, have them bring it out. It helps to break the ice and get them comfortable with me. I want everyone to be relaxed and at ease. Don’t worry if everyone isn’t looking at the camera. Don’t worry if the kids are running around. I want this to be a stress-free day. I want you to look back at these images and remember what a great day this was. We will start with the “grandma” shot, a posed image with everyone looking and smiling. This is the photo that every grandma wants. Then it’s time for the fun! I can’t wait to capture the essence of what makes your family so special.


What to wear

Wear something comfortable. Choose neutral colors such as grey, cream, beige. Coordinating color schemes look great, but avoid trying to have everyone match. Moms look great in maxi-dresses and little girls love to twirl so long, flowy skirts and dresses look great. Try having some family members in solids and other in coordinating small prints. I want all of the focus to be on you and your family, not your outfit. Please feel free to contact me prior to the session if you have questions about what to wear.