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Have you ever wanted a family photography session but were reluctant to book due to cost?  Often people may wonder, "Why are photography sessions and photographs so expensive?". 

Potential client don't know or understand the hours that a photographer spends before and after a session.

Pre-Session Preparation

A great deal of time is spent before a session communicating with clients so that they know exactly what to expect during their session.  I send emails with what to wear tips and how to prepare the kids (and husband) for the session.  

The better prepared the clients are, the more stress-free the sessions are.  And this leads to better images.


During Your Session

My sessions usually last 1-2 hours and I don't like to put a time limit on my sessions.  I want everyone to be relaxed before we start.  

My sessions last as long as it takes to capture the essence of my clients and I don't want time constraints to add stress to a session.

Post-Session Editing

Editing images after a session can take 2-3 time as long as the actual session time.  I want your images to be perfect before I present them to you in your gallery.   

After you've seen your images, it's time to get together to help you decide how to display your images in your home.

Your Memories Are Priceless

Let's face it, everyone wants a bargain.  That's why Groupon, promo codes and coupons are so popular. But there are some things worth paying for.  My goal with each session is to create beautiful images that you can turn in to works of art that will be displayed and treasured for generations to come, and your memories are priceless!

Are you ready to create lasting memories with a  Lifestyle Photography Session?  Call or email me today!

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