Proposal Session at Reverie II in St. Helena, CA with Kevin G.|Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer


Presumably there is a proposal before engagement sessions, but I usually meet clients after the engagement seldom do I get to witness the actual proposal!  So imagine the thrill when Kevin G. contacted me to book a proposal session!  

I immediately pictured myself hiding in the bushes to stealthily capture the big moment!

Planning The Big Day

My session with Kevin and Sandy started back in early May when Kevin contacted me via Yelp and asked if I was available to help him capture his big surprise.  In case you were wondering, my answer was yes, Yes, YES!

He told me his plan.  Her parents were going to be in town visiting and he was looking for a winery in Napa County that would help him pull this off.  

Reverie Vineyard, a boutique winery in St. Helena was excited to be included in his plans.

I spent weeks devising my plan.  I thought up ideas on how to disguise myself so that I didn't give his secret away.  

Luckily, he was planning on proposing the July 4th weekend, so I was sure that I could blend in with the holiday crowd.  I would introduce myself up front and say I was doing promotional photos for the winery for the holiday weekend.  We were all set!


And Then It Happened

I arrived at the winery early and got ready. Kevin, Sandy and her parents arrived at the designated spot and Kevin got down on one knee.  She said "YES"!

I can't believe what an awesome job Kevin did setting everything up and keeping it secret.  It was such a genuine moment!  The ring was gorgeous and Sandy couldn't stop looking at it.

Congratulations to both Kevin and Sandy.  I am so glad I was there to document your special moment.



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