Capturing kids being kids!


Although I have been a photographer since my mid 20’s, nursing was my first career. When I became a nurse 22 years ago, there was never a question in my mind that I would focus on children. Initially I worked in the NICU with the sickest, smallest babies. Later I moved on to working with children with a rare disease. I went back to school and spent 15 years working as.a pediatric neurosurgery nurse practitioner. I loved working with children and their families. It was often challenging but so rewarding. During my nursing career, I was a part-time photographer, photographing family and friends in my free time. I’m finally able to pursue my photography dream full time, and my favorite sessions are those that include children. Working with children in any capacity can be a challenge. They don’t always listen or look or do what you want them to do. Many kids are extremely shy and you have to work to draw them out so that you can capture their true personalities. Parents often get stressed during sessions because they want the kids to cooperate. I have captured many photographs that include one or both parents pointing at me in an attempt to get the child to look! What I love is being able to connect with the child I’m photographing. I don’t care if everyone is looking and smiling in every image. I want to capture the true essence and personality of the child and let’s face it, our children aren’t always clean, polished, sitting up straight and smiling. So the next time you have a family photography session, remember to let the kids just be kids. Those are the memories that you want to capture; the funny faces, the sweet grins, the goofy dancing.