How do you feel a photograph?

There are many styles of photography and my style has changed over the years. When I first started taking pictures, I was obsessed with the “perfect” image. Everyone had to be looking at the camera and smiling. I took pretty pictures but I always felt something was missing. I didn’t want people to look at my images and only see a nice looking family. I wanted something more. I wanted to take photos that people would feel. So I changed my approach. I still get that one “perfect” photo. But after that one photo is taken, the real magic begins. Families interact and play and real emotion and smiles appear. I want my clients to look back at their images and remember when big sister loved kissing her new brother. Remember how she loved to swing with daddy? Remember how the baby’s hair stuck up no matter how many times you tried tame it? For me, that’s the magic of photography and that’s what it means to feel a photograph.