How to Prepare For Your Session

So the day is finally here for your Lifestyle Photography Session. Here are some tips to make this a day to remember and to capture moments that you will treasure forever.


How to Prepare the KIDS

  • Make sure they are rested.

  • Make sure they are fed!

  • Tell them what we will be doing, and make it sound exciting!

  • Make this exciting for them – consider a reward/something fun for afterwards (never bring it out till the end).

  • Let them be little! Just give them grace to be little, and know I will capture their personalities no matter what.

How to Prepare MOM

  • Make enough time to prepare on the day of your session, so you don’t feel rushed and anxious.

  • Let go of your need for perfection. This is the biggest anxiety for most moms. It’s ok if your kids aren’t “perfect” during our time together.

  • Don’t worry about your kids not giving me their “real smiles.” Most of the time, being told “not that smile, your REAL smile!” only makes it worse... So, don’t worry. I will work hard to get them laughing and will be sure to capture them at their best!


How to Prepare DAD

  • Make sure he is rested and fed – Haha! But really... rested and fed applies to the grown-ups too!

  • Show him a few of your favorite pictures from my blog/website so he can see the relaxed nature of my work. This will help him know what to expect.

  • Let him know that the best thing he can do is to just enjoy his family- and let ME do the work. The pressure is off.

  • Let him know how much this means to you, and that you’re glad he is willing to be such a team player for one hour! (You might have to reward him as well)